• Salon Furniture Pack E0275

Salon Furniture Pack E0275

(DIR Code: E0275 )
  • £999.00  (£1,198.80 inc. VAT)


Salon Furniture Pack E0275: 4103 x1 + 6922 x3


Dir Reception Desk Star Ferry (Dir Code:4103)

An elegant curved reception desk that adds refined style to any salon with its lighting system on the stylish front panel. Solid work surface for everyday use. Easy assembly, solid wood construction.


Dir Styling Unit Patek (Dir Code: 6922) 

The Pearl White finished wooden frame   with multicolour LED sidelight is our unique designed Patek single station. Beautiful lines and the subtle use of materials make this a rare collection. It is wall mounted and features a glass shelf with integrated dryer holder. Wall-mounted.


Birmingham , London showrooms are open to public,  more designs are available in showroom.

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