Waiting Bench Magic Cubo II

(DIR Code: 0022 )
  • £299.00  (£358.80 inc. VAT)


Dir Waiting Bench Magic Cubo II (Dir Code: 0022)

The Curves on the Magic Cue Waiting sofa are as eye catching as the seat is comfortable. The flowing lines and smooth edges of this sofa could not be more inviting. From the left seat to the middle seat with the right seat, they are designed as individual piece and will suit the different space with client’s demand. The seamless, hardwearing DIR Material covering that encases the high density memory foam provides the practicality you would expect from this well built piece of fine DIR furniture.

(Colour options are available in Black, Brown, Cream or Red)

Two seat price:  £299 + VAT  

Three seat price:  £379 + VAT

Birmingham , London showrooms are open to public,  more designs are available in showroom.

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